• Sing with the OBC returns after the success of the first edition!

  • 360 voices will sing with the OBC on 14 , 15 and 16 June, 2019!

  • This project has the support and funding of the European Union

Following the great success of the first edition, on 14, 15 and 16 June, Sing with the ‎OBC is back! Don´t miss out on the unique opportunity of singing at L’Auditori accompanied ‎by the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra.



The preparation will start in March and will last three ‎months, during which 13 rehearsals will be held at L'Auditori, ‎right up until the concert week when the work of the choir and the OBC musicians will come ‎together in two joint rehearsals and culminate in three final ‎performancesin Hall 1 Pau Casals. The choir conductor Elisenda ‎Carrasco and the stage director David Pintó will work with the ‎singers on both the musical and scenic aspects to lend the concert a dramatic dimension. The ‎musical director will be Miquel Ortega.‎

Rehearsals consisting of two-and-a-half hour-long sessions will be held on an almost weekly ‎basis at L'Auditori. Participants in the concerts may only miss 3 of the 13 planned ‎rehearsals (but not during the concert week, when ‎‎attendance at rehearsals is compulsory: Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12 and ‎Thursday 13 June).‎

The participants selected to be part of the choir must pay € 35, which ‎includes the contribution for participating in the project(L'Auditori ‎provides the concert scores, access to its facilities, the experience with the whole OBC team ‎and musicians) and one ticket for the concert that ‎theOrchestra will deliver on Saturday, 23 March, (Ravel´s Bolero, in the Emergents ‎Music Festival) which includes a post-concert gathering. ‎

Those people who are not selected to be part of the choir will still have the chance to ‎participate in this project, singing some pieces from the audience on Sunday, 16 June, ‎accompanying the choir and the orchestra.‎

Musical director: Miquel Ortega‎
Choir director: Elisenda Carrasco‎
Assistant director: Pere Lluís Biosca‎
Stage director: David Pintó ‎
Piano: Mercè Sanchis, Josep Buforn, Gregori Ferrer.

Presentation + rehearsal 1 Tuesday, 5 March (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 2 Wednesday, 13 March (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 3 Wednesday, 20 March (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 4 Wednesday, 27 March (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 5 Wednesday, 3 April (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 6 Wednesday, 10 April (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 7 Wednesday, 24 April (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 8 Tuesday, 30 April (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 9 Wednesday, 8 May (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 10 Wednesday, 15 May (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 11 Wednesday, 22 May (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 12 (group 1) Tuesday, 28 May (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 12 (group 2) Wednesday, 29 May (19:00 - 21:30)‎
Rehearsal 13 Thursday, 6 June (19:00 - 21:30)‎

CONCERT WEEK (compulsory attendance)
Choir and piano rehearsal Tuesday, 11 June (20:00 - 23:00)‎
Choir and orchestra rehearsal Wednesday, 12 June (18.30 - 23:00)‎
Final rehearsal Thursday, 13 June (19:00 - 23:00)‎

CONCERTS (compulsory attendance)
Friday, 14 June
Warm-up (18:30 -19:00)‎
Concert (20:00 - 22:00)‎
Saturday, 15 June
Warm-up (18.30 - 19:00)‎
Concert (20:00 - 22:00)‎
Sunday, 16 June
Warm-up (to be confirmed)‎
Concert (11:00 - 13:00)‎

PROGRAMME (subject to change):
Overture (The Sicilian Vespers) - Giuseppe Verdi
Patria Oppressa (Macbeth) - Giuseppe Verdi
Anvil Chorus (Il Trovatore) - Giuseppe Verdi
Intermezzo (Cavalleria Rusticana) - Pietro Mascagni
Moon Chorus (Turandot) - Giacomo Puccini
Dance of the Hours (La Gioconda) - Amilcare Ponchielli
Coro de románticos (Doña Francisquita) - Amadeu Vives
La Balanguera - Amadeu Vives
O fortuna (Carmina Burana) - Carl Orff
Beginning of Act IV (Carmen) - Georges Bizet

This project is part of a joint initiative of different European orchestras that aims to seek new ‎audiences. It has the support and funding of the European Union through the European ‎Orchestra Laboratory.‎

With the collaboration of the EOLAB-II project


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