OBC Season


  • Dates 04 May 2012
  • Cycle OBC Season

The classicism of Schubert's Symphony No. 3 and Carles Baguer's Symphony No. 2 are compared to Berlioz's Ghost of a Rose with the famous Russian Ballet.

Invitation to the dance “Le spectre de la rose”, an original composition for piano by Carl Maria von Weber, was orchestrated by Héctor Berlioz in 1841. The work was used by the Russian Ballet company for one of their early choreographies, created by Michel Fokine. The recovery of the symphonic work by Carles Baguer, composer and organist of Barcelona cathedral, enables us to appreciate European trends in Catalonia. His Second Symphony offers music set firmly within Classicism, but with a strong heroic music imprint, where the influence of the rhythms of dance is still highly present. The same can be said of Franz Schubert's Symphony no. 3, a youthful work in which it is still possible to appreciate a subjection to the classical symphonic form, even though Schubert's personality is beginning to show signs of a premature and fertile maturity.

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SCHUBERT: Overture in the Italian Style in C major

BAGUER: Symphony no. 2

WEBER/BERLIOZ: Invitation to the Dance, “Le Spectre de la rose”

SCHUBERT: Symphony no. 3

Guillermo García Calvo, conductor

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